Second draft

  1. Introduction

1-1 Purpose of this research

My purpose of this research are to get Knowledge about advertising deeply and to think about work for advertising. I have been interested in marketing and I have dreamed that I will get a job involved in marketing since I was a junior high school student. There are so many kind of works involved in marketing depend on what marketing use for. Even out of those, I am interested in advertising industry most. Because I think advertising is very close to consumers like ourselves and then, increases customer’s buying intention most. However, I don’t understand advertising well, so I want to know about that and its working using marketing knowledge.

1-2 Significance (Why this is important)

This paper is very important for me to be true to myself about own future. Actually, I don’t understand myself especially what I want to do in the future. So this time, thorough this research, I think about my future  carrer very hard. Then I felt uncertain. Can I became advertiser? What is significant ability for get a job? What requirement that I have met and have not met yet? I have little time until I graduate Aoyama Gakuin University. To take advantage of an opportunity that I am a student of department of marketing. I award that I have to study in time left.

2, Research Questions

I have three research questions in this research.

Q1 What difference between Japanese advertisement and American advertisement?

Q2 How Japanese advertisement was changed?

Q3 What is the ability to make advertising?

3, Methods

3-1 Deta collection

I looked for articles which is written about advertising from AURORA-Search and Google scholar. The keyword which I used are following.

keyword:advertising, advertiser, marketing, Internet, Change, grow, difference, advertisement,

Then I select articles written main about growth of Japanese advertisement and difference of Japanese advertisement and other country’s advertisement for find answer research questions. But for third research question, I could not find any article written in English. So I use Japanese articles which written for young people who find job in this research.

3-2 Deta Analysis

I analyzed from RQ1 and RQ2, what is need for Japanese advertiser now days.

4, Results & Discussion

4-1 Answer and Interpretations for RQ1

I found from seven article is Japanese articles have changed their style. They advanced into Internet. Article 1.2.4 state Internet or SNS have become widely used at a rapid race. Internet can provide various marketing communications than traditional channels like newspaper, magazines, and TV. Companies will have a lot of merits if they use media of Internet. There are three reasons. It is because companies can aware of what customers want. People dispatch their wants by oneself on the Internet like SNS. So companies effort to only meet customer’s need. They don’t need marketing research so much before. Second reason is on the Internet, company’s products widely spread rapidly. As people know about the product, more often people buy it. Third reason is company’s products are reputated on the Internet. So the companies   can know how the products are evaluated from the customers. In addtion, If the customer’s evaluation of the products read by other Internet user, it lead to further buing of the product.

4-2 Answer and Interpretations for RQ2

One of difference between American advertisement and Japanese advertisement is Japanese advertisement is less comparative than American one. There was Coca-Cola VS Pepushi conparative TV commercial, But conparative advertisement is unfavorble in Japan. However in America, It is national character to attack the opponent. So there are so many comparative advertisement in America.

Second difference is Japanese advertisement use high context, but American advertisement use low context. It means Japanese advertisement contain a little information. It give wachers some image of products using actors and comedians. It depend on each person understanding. So American advertisements are easy to understand like for childlen compared to Japanese advertisement.

Third difference is Japanese advertisement targeting some people:group, conversely, American one targeting individual.

Fourth difference is advertising agencies style. American advertising agencies are take part in attorney of client. However, Japanese advertising agencies are take part in media-side attorney.

4-3 Answer and Interpretations for RQ3

From first research question and second research question, I awared ability what I need advertising are alonging to social and people:target. To get look by a lot of people, advertising must be the “mirror” of social and people. That is why advertising uses marketing knowledge.

5, Conclusion

5-1 English & carrer Development

When I think about the relationship between English and advertising, it getting more deeply these days. these are two reasons why I think so.

First reason is social globalism. In the article of  “Content Analysis of Advertisements in Different Cultures”, author said “They show current trends in social preferences, they reveal cultural values and norms of the target audience and, finally, they can be the mirror of the times people live in.” about advertising. From this sentence, I learned that advertising must adopt social trends and preference, meet the customers needs and to be  the forefront of its time. Globalism is one of social trends, because Japan has influenced by other countries and adopted different cultures. Advertising also adopted different cultures to be the “mirror” of the social. Appointing foreign actors and models, taking photograph or videos at foreign place and using different language as catchphrase are examples. Then, advertising need to use different language to work like this. As you know, English is national language, so if you could use English well, you can make advertising along with changing social better than only use Japanese.

Second reason is the expansion of the Internet. In Japan, people have Internet media almost per person. they can use Internet anytime, anywhere these days.  Along with the growth of the Internet, the advertising business has also advanced into the Internet. because people can read news and article on the Internet not by newspaper or magazine. In order to get a look by the general public, advertising should be on the Internet. Then, many kinds of advertising including ad banner appeared on the Internet. After that, changing shape of advertising, Internet advertising has grew. In 2008, total advertising expenditures was 95.3% from a year earlier. it means decrease. But only Internet advertising expenditures was 116.3%. It means increase. Internet advertising already has big power. And I think it will have more important role in advertising business.

These Internet advertising more global than newspaper, magazine, and so on. because it has chance to get look by all over the world as I said. I think that Internet is connecter of world. So to make advertising, and to be understood, we have to use English.

English is language which many people use, so to target more and more people, we need to study English.

5-2 Two-year plan for future carrer

My future plan to become a successful candidate is here.

First, the requirements I have not met yet are next forrowing.

・English skill

・Marketing skill

・Analytical skill(Insite planning skill)

I want to gain all this skills until I guraduate Aoyamagakuin university. So I thought how can I get the skills and how pace should I take in time left my universal student life. Let me explain about plan one skill by one.

・English skill

Actually, my future job:advertiser have no exact standard like TOEIC score and I do not have to gain this skill. But I think English skill will be helpful and will extend wy future job. I will not lose anything by having this skill. So I set the goal by myself. I have 670 TOEIC IP score. So by the end of sophomore, I will have 700 TOEIC score. Then, untill end of the next summer, I will have 750 TOEIC score. Finally, untill I start to find work, I will have 800 TOEIC score. I know it is hard for me to achievement in short time but very meaningful study I think.

・Marketing skill and knowledge

To make better advertising, it is need to know about market. I majoring in marketing for steading, but I have no certificate that I have knowledge and can make my knowledge and decision making. So I will have Marketing Business aqualification. Marketing Business aquali ficaion is hold by International Marketing Skill Standardizing Association. So by gain this skill, I can prove own skill. There are A, B and C levels in this aqualification. And if finally I could get level A, I can be recognized by International Marketing Skill Standardizing Association. I think I should keep in charenge this aqualification in my student life. Bccause Marketing knowledge is changing day by day.

・Analytical skill(Insite planning skill)

This skill need to for marketing to analysis market deta. There is aqualification of analytical skill. It is “Toukei-kentei”. I want to gain level 2 untill the end of next summer. And Finally, I want to get quasi-primary of this aqualification.

5-3 Summary of this research project

Japanese article were changed their style in rapid race. So I find new advertising form often. It is because our social is changing every day. Advertising is also changes along with our life. As I stated in this paper, recent people are addicted to Internet wold. Some people check message and response on the LINE or Twitter every ten minutes. Advertising know what people often use, see, and watch  then put on advertises there because they use marketing knowledge. I think we have no time that we don’t see advertising in our life.

I think article also reflect personality. Japanese people tend to like peace, advertising avoids critical expression. Oppositely, American advertising often uses those expression, because that is American people characteristic.

Advertising is reflect both target society and people characteristics. That why I am interested in advertising. I want to involved in advertising industry using marketing knowledge and affect on their hearts.

So I have to get ability like English Skill, Marketing Skill, and Analytical skill. Thorough this research, I could define what should I do for the future. I study and work hard to became  advertiser.

6, Reference

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